Do You Want a Better Life?

'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get, what you've always got -Henry Ford'

Is it time for a
 change in your life? Do you want different results?

Hi, I'm Paula O'Sullivan - a heart based, client centered Hypnotherapist & Reiki Practitioner, a Transformational, Creativity & Wellness Coach, an Author & Public Speaker. My other business interests include my artwork, photography and organising craft fairs.

I offer you my extensive experience, not only from my years in practice since 2011 but also as a Life Survivor. I've personally overcome many of life's challenges and I have excelled in problem-solving and pattern breaking.

 Relaxation - Wellness - Mindfulness 

                  Chakra Balancing - 
Energy AlignmentAngel Meditations  

               Law of Attraction - Stress Management - Weight Management

                  Strategic Goal Setting - Self Esteem - Confidence Building

                            Quit Smoking - Anxiety - Fears & Phobias

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