'Different Perspectives For a Different World
- Essays For Life' Revised Edtion

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Different Perspectives for a Different World - Essays for Life Revised Edition

 Back in 2009, Paula O’Sullivan became ill. She had similar symptoms to MS. After undergoing many tests, Paula had a crazy thought that she might have somehow created the illness herself. She began to research stress, and what she found, changed her life.

Once she’d recovered, Paula decided to build her confidence and self-esteem, she freed herself of fears and anxiety, learnt how to love and accept herself, and began, at last, to believe in herself. Paula discovered that life has no meaning unless we give it some ourselves. Her life is now a very exciting adventure.

She discovered that she had created the illness, and then discovered how to heal herself, by changing her thoughts, letting go of negative emotions, adopting a more positive attitude, and a relaxed, healthier lifestyle.'Different Perspectives for a Different World' is a collection of essays written over a period of two years, where Paula hopes to share some of the insights and wisdom she has learnt and applied to her own life. Things that have helped her to cope and get through some very tough times and which will hopefully help you, the reader, to see your life and experiences from a different perspective too!

Do you want your life to have some meaning?

Do you want to find happiness and inner peace?

If you said yes to these questions, then perhaps it's time that you started looking at life from a different perspective.

'Different Perspectives for a Different World' - Essays for Life - Revised Edition, will introduce you to a new way of thinking, that will help you to discover that your life is what your thoughts make it. And while we may not always be able to control the things that happen to us, we do always have a choice about how we can think about it. It is in these thoughts that we find, we already have the key to unlock the bars of the cage of our own making, and in so doing, can find ourselves on a path to inner peace and happiness, consciously creating a better, happier more meaningful life.

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