Reiki  Ä50 per session

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(60 min session)
I offer reduced rates for Students/ Unemployed / Low Wage Earners / OAPs
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It is an agreement with your own mind, body, and soul that allows healing to occur. I am merely a facilitator, making it easier for that process to occur if that is for the highest greater good.

Reiki means Universal Energy. Everything is made of energy and is of varying degrees of lower or higher Vibrations. Energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes form. Our energy fields exist before we are born and exist after we die.

If your energy vibration is lower you will be experiencing illness, chaos, conflict, poverty etc.

If your energy vibration is very high, you will experience wellness, peace, harmony, wealth etc.

YourThoughts and Emotions are energy and can affect your energy vibration.

There are seven chakras that we work with in the practice of Reiki.

ĎChakraí is an ancient Sanskrit word that means wheel. Our life force, chi, energy, or prana moves within us, it spins at certain points within the body. When it is out of balance youíll notice a lack of harmony in your life.

Chakras are centers of energy throughout the body which represent different areas for potential Transformation.

Crown Chakra: when this is balanced, you will have the ability to see the bigger picture, be more connected spiritually, have a keener intuition, purpose, trust, inspiration, ethics, courage, values, wisdom, selflessness, and humanitarianism.

Third Eye Chakra: when this is balanced, you will have a better ability to learn from life experiences, have greater imagination, intuition, vision, introspection, self-knowledge, openness to others ideas, self-evaluation and feelings of adequacy.

Throat Chakra: when this is balanced, you will have the ability to speak your truth and express yourself openly and honestly, follow your dreams using your personal power to create, be true to yourself, and be more accepting.

Heart Chakra: when this is balanced, you will have the ability to love unconditionally, have forgiveness, compassion, empathy, develop hope, trust and see how everyone and everything is connected.

Solar Plexus Chakra: when this is balanced, you will have great confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, spontaneity, playfulness, sense of identity, and care for yourself and others.

Sacral Chakra: when this is balanced, you will have a balance between money and love, creativity, honour and ethics in all relationships, balanced emotions, and empowerment.

Root Chakra: when this is balanced, you will have a sense of survival, being grounded, secure, calm, assertiveness, feeling at home in yourself and trust in your world and environment.

Reiki helps with raising your vibration.

I work with Angelic energies and incorporate various other healing techniques including chelation and chi-gong. I balance the chakras. I align the Hara Line, dissolve energetic cords & ties and set up protective grids etc. I also do a mini reading after the session based on any imbalances Iíve noticed or any intuitive prompts Iíve received.

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